The flyover over Aleja Grunwaldzka street was built as part of Task II of Nowa Słowackiego Route located between the Lech Walesa Airport and the Sea Port of Gdańsk. The structure, together with the new overpass over the PKP railway tracks, managed to clear traffic jams at the intersection of Aleja Grunwaldzka and Słowackiego streets, close to the Galeria Bałtycka shopping centre.
The flyover comprises four spans made of two steel, box girders with an orthotropic slab and reinforcing elements under the roadway and pathways.
The structure gradeline was designed so as to provide for a roadway clearance of 4.7m and a tram clearance of 5.7m. The structure is based on massive, reinforced concrete, flat foundation supports located on the sides and in the middle. Abutments were made with wings parallel to the longitudinal axis which are connected to the retaining walls supporting the road embankment. Pillars were made of two posts on continuous footing. Noise barriers were placed on the sides of the structure. At the bottom, for architectural reasons, the structure was covered with corrugated steel sheets.
Basic parameters:
support axis length: 22m+41m+41m+22m
number of spans: 4
platform width: ca. 11m