The purpose of the study was to identify urban, environmental, technical, economic and organizational conditions for a complex reconstruction of the road system in the area of the “Downtown Junction in Gdańsk”.
The analytical stage helped to develop a planning-and-spatial conceptual design for reconstructing the street-and-tramway system in the area within the following streets: Hucisko, Wały Jagiellońskie, Okopowa, Trakt św. Wojciecha (to the area of Cienista Street), Zaroślak, Armii Krajowej and 3 Maja together with the “Brama Oliwska” intersection (to the intersection with Al. Zwycięstwa Street).
The task was carried out by developing three reconstruction variants divided into 4 stages.
The basic idea is to create a boundary of the Downtown, which would take over local district traffic, and which would include the following streets: Nowa Wałowa Street (Z 2/2) – 3-go Maja Street (Z 2/2) – European Union Junction / Trasa AK (G 2/3) – Trakt Św. Wojciecha Street (Z 2/2) / Nowa Sandomierska Street from the Nowa Cienista / Czerwony Most junction.
The extension of Downtown Boundary will allow reducing traffic in Podwale Grodzkie Street, Wały Jagiellońskie Street, and thus better linking of the areas of Targ Rakowy and Sienny and the Central Railway Station and the City Council Complex with the Main City.
Another important idea of the conceptual design is to build a local street (L 1/2) - Nowe Podwale Grodzkie along the Railway track.