The aim of road infrastructure in this area is to: upgrade the safety of passenger cars, lorries and lorries carrying oversized cargo that access the production plants and office buildings located there; upgrade the safety of trains servicing the production plants; construct separate bicycle lanes and sidewalks streamlining pedestrian and bicycle traffic and upgrade the traffic capacity of the existing road system.
The project assumes pavement reconstruction in Przelotowa street on a section of about 1.2 km, together with the construction of a medium-sized type of roundabout; reconstruction of the streets north of Przelotowa street (Nowa Rurarska, Nowa Gwarancyjna, Budowniczych, Stoczniowców, Kadłubowców, Konstruktorów and Czechosłowacka) and reconstruction of the internal roads serving the companies located on the premises of the former Gdynia Shipyard. The project also entails liquidation of part of the railway sidings.
A two-way bicycle lane was designed the width of 2.5m along Przelotowa street as well as sidewalks with variable width, allowing for further run of the lane and sidewalks going beyond the scope of the study.
The designed road of the class of Przelotowa, Czechosłowacka and Alei Solidarności streets is a local L 1/2 road (having one roadway with a single traffic lane in each direction).