The project aims to improve the quality of the public space in the area of Aleja Niepodległości street, which today is perceived mainly through the windows of passing cars. The project should become a necessary action in the renewal process of the pedestrian circulation area in Sopot.
The project aims to create a cohesive space by designing a uniform surface referring to the shape of a wave in relation to the coastal location of the city of Sopot, unify the elements of street furniture and complement the greeny arrangements.
The conditions that correspond to the location of Aleja Niepodległości street in the compact historical development only allow restoration of the existing state of the road geometry. The project includes resurfacing of the sidewalks, driveways, bus bays and curbs.
With regard to greenery, the development project covers mainly conversion and supplementation of plants in existing avanues and planting of small trees in ornamental grilles in the narrowest sections of the roadway. An important element of the project are ornamental grasses in pots along Aleja Niepodległości street.
What complements the design of the pavement and greeny are elements of street furniture in the form of pots, a bench and a seat, which will lend a more urban character to the street.