The idea of the design was to refer to the historical arrangement of the square, at the same time ensuring efficient road and rail transport, which developed considerably in this area in the 1920s.
The well-developed transport system was planted with greenery, which today on the one hand constitutes the square’s value, but on the other hinders any serious changes to the geometry of the road and rail system.
The design is an attempt at rendering a significant part of the square to pedestrians by bringing Grójecka roadway closer, however in such a way as to retain the valuable avenue of trees today making up the frontage of the street opposite the church. This arrangement together with tram stops will offer perfect conditions for an attractive public space, full of life and daily living.
In the whole Narutowicza Square the proposal is to separate 4 zones composed on the main axis.
The first one is a square in front of the church entrance, the second is the zone of public transport with integrated tram platforms and bus stops, the third is the main multifunctional city square, and the fourth is a park ring referring to the historical layout.