This area is one of the main public spaces of Sopot.
The spatial form on the Al. Niepodległości axis is particularly responsible for the image of Sopot – a Baltic resort – formed by the spirit of “Fin de Siecle" and picturesque architecture of the turn of 20th century. It is twice as important, considering the intensification of services located not only on the ground floors. Upgrading the quality of public space in the area of Al. Niepodległości, perceived mostly from behind passing car windows, becomes necessary in renewing the zone of pedestrian circulation.
Based on urban planning analyses, three zones have been designated. Their conceptual names, reflecting the dominant features of the city landscape, are: greenery, history, modernity. The names are considered a lodestar for designers in decision-making.
The division allows giving individualism to twelve bays – selected design areas. Each bay has been given a name that emphasizes its individual spatial features.
These rules allow implementing this conceptual design with a division into tasks, guaranteeing the effect of perfection after separate reconstruction for each task.
1st award of distinction