The conceptual design assumes creating a modern public space of Wałowy Square, which will be functionally flexible with simultaneous reference to the identity and the most significant historical elements of that place. The area of the Square has been zoned with a division into 4 parts so that the neighbourhood could be filled with all sorts of functions, while the square itself could become the “heart” of the whole layout.
The area of the Square is supposed to constitute the centre of the layout and allow flexible usage.
In the frontages of the Quarter Zone the design assumes a “filling” with new tenements and the introduction of new functions on ground floors.
In the Waterside Zone, the space from the area of Baszta Biała to the Motława river as a square gradually descending into the water has been standardised with wooden pavement.
In the protected Bastion Zone, elements binding the layout of Wałowy Square have been introduced, as well as a system of fortifications as an area of city greenery. Terraces have been introduced from the side of the square, which constitute a form of its extension, and an audience space for another of street festival stages. An essential change is the removal of the pedestrian passage on the embankment so as to enable passage through the Lowland Gate from the embankment level onto the other side of Mostowa street and creation of a continuous pedestrian space along the fortification.