The structure designed is a rail bridge crossing the border over the Nysa Łużycka River as part of railway line No. 295 (running from Węgliniec to Bielawa Dolna) between the Polish town of Węgliniec and the German town of Horka. Currently, there's one railway track being operated there with a 50 km/h speed limit. The new, two-track line will allow speeds higher by 70 km/h. The load bearing capacity of the bridge will increase, too. As a result of the works, the rail transport attractiveness will improve for the important CE-30 international route, within Pan-European Corridor III connecting Ukraine, Poland and Germany.
The new structure has been designed as two, separate, five-span, box structures, each of which being able to carry the rolling stock load in accordance with the PN-EN 1991-2 standard. The static structure for each facility is a continuous, prestressed beam. The bridge structure is based on massive wall supports set on reinforced concrete, drilled piles of 1m diameter, capped with a spread footing. 1.2m slab foundations have been designed for the foundation caps. At the top of the supporting blocks, bearing seats have been designed. At the top of the structure – a rail bedding layer of minimum 750mm constructional height.
Basic parameters:
bridge length: 104m
number of spans: 5
total height of girder: 3.30m
total width (with supporting blocks): ca. 5.50m