The designed structures are located over PKP railway tracks within the modernised Janka Wiśniewskiego street in Gdynia: overpass nr 2 under the right roadway, and overpass nr 3 under the left roadway. The opening of the overpasses for traffic eliminated the “bottleneck” of that arterial road. That road is of key significance both to the city and the functioning of the Port of Gdynia as it connects the centre of Gdynia and national roads with the port premises. The international seaport located here having primary significance to the Polish economy constitutes a transport hub of category A forming part of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). The facilities have been designed for class A loads according to the standard PN-85/S-10030.
Overpass Wd 2
The arch girders are placed in parallel at an axial distance of 11m. The arches are not braced on the top between one another.
Overpass Wd 3
The static arrangement of the overpass is a girder structure, the girders being steel parabolic arches connected with the roadway grate at lower strip grade. The arch girders are made up of: an upper strip formed out of sections (chords) inscribing themselves into a parabola, suspension members connecting the upper strip with the lower strip, a lower strip assuming the thrust of the arch.