On 25 April, three architects and urban planners from BPBK SA gave a guest lecture at the Civil Engineering and Architecture Faculty of the Lublin University of Technology.
Gabriela Rembarz, Magdalena Miara and Agnieszka Odachowska make up a team of architects and urban planners working for BPBK S.A. in Gdańsk. Among many prizes they have been awarded there are the award of distinction for development of the Podzamcze area in Lublin and the first prize for the architectural design of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway.
Gabriela Rembarz works for the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the Faculty of Architecture of the Gdańsk University of Technology. She actively supported the organisation of the first national meeting of architecture students in Gdańsk in 1997. She has been a tutor at numerous student workshops and an organiser of student architecture expeditions.
Photographs by mgr inż. arch. Hubert Trammer – Department of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Spatial Planning at the Lublin University of Technology.