An annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the BPBK company was held on 28 April in Villa Eva in Gdańsk.
At the meeting, apart from presenting a report on the Company’s activities in the past year, the President of the Management Board Mr. Jan Kosiedowski also made a presentation on 60-year activities of the Company, which is celebrating its anniversary this year.
At the Meeting approval was granted to the Company’s Management Board, i.e. President Jan Kosiedowski, and to Supervisory Board members, i.e. Mrs Maria Wiśniewska, Mr Zbigniew Podjaski, Mr Hubert Matulewicz and Mr Janusz Cynowski.
Also a new member of the Board was appointed; with the resignation of Mrs. Maria Wiśniewska, Mr. Andrzej Roter was chosen in her place.