In October an article was published on tró under the title “Granary Island is reviving, slowly though it is. When will new investments come?”, featuring among other things BPBK S.A.’s conceptual design for reconstruction of Stągiewna Street. The portal presents option II of the conceptual design. Please familiarize yourself with the whole conceptual design and its option I.
The variant-based conceptual design for development of Stągiewna Street provides for new architectural details. Depending on the variant (I or II), it is proposed, apart from replacement of lighting and pavement as well as partial rearrangement of traffic organisation, that street space should be developed by placing wooden plant pots on one or both sides of the sidewalk.
The aim of the solution is to order the street and to introduce an element integrating buildings of different epochs and styles; this will be additionally highlighted after the implementation of the „Granary Island” building complex. It must be emphasised that the land development variants may be adapted interchangeably to road options I and II, after taking into consideration parking places located on the southern side of the street (in road option II).