In the 21st edition of the contest "Construction of the Year" organised by the Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians a 2nd degree prize was awarded to the footbridge over PKP/SKM railway tracks and Droga Gdyńska Street, connecting Zwycięstwa Avenue with Łużycka Street in Gdynia.

It should be reminded that the footbridge design was made by BPBK designers: mgr inż. arch. Jacek Śliwiński (architecture), mgr inż. Mirosław Wałęga and inż. Roman Witczak (structure).

Footbridge parameters:
Footbridge span is 139,50 m, and the bridge total width is 6.80 m. An attempt was made in the adopted conceptual design to give the footbridge the form of a metal wing hanging over the railway line and Droga Gdyńska Street. All the works were completed in 9 months.