On 11 June, on the basis of an order of the Mayor of Gdynia, the Awarding Entity approved of the results of the competition procedure for selection of a contractor for the monument and for design and cost estimate documentation for the project “Construction of the Displaced Gdynia Residents Monument, together with the area development” located at the junction of Starowiejska Street and Dworcowa Street in Gdynia. BPBK S.A. won the first prize and was invited to negotiate elaboration of the design and cost estimate documentation.
Our team was composed of:
art. rzeźb. Paweł Sasin  
art. rzeźb. Adam Dziejowski  
mgr inż. Jan T Kosiedowski  
dr inż. arch. Gabriela Rembarz  
mgr inż. arch. Tomasz Stanisławczyk  
mgr inż. arch. Magdalena Miara  
mgr inż. arch. Magda Maja Wiśniewska  
mgr inż. arch. Anna Smółko  
The photographs of the sculpture were taken by Tomasz Zerek.